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== Welcome to {{SITENAME}}! ==
<span style="font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold">Welcome to the official Constant Noble Wiki.</span>
This Main Page was automatically created by a wiki creator (a volunteer who created this wiki per a request), and it seems it hasn't been replaced yet.
=== For the bureaucrat(s) of this wiki ===
Constant Noble (formerly Constitution Books) is the publishing/creative venture of Reginald Routhwick, a resident of {{wp|Florida}} originally from the Commonwealth of {{wp|Dominica}}. This site serves as a replacement for various wikis and collections previously available on:
Hello, and welcome at your new wiki! Thank you for choosing Miraheze for the hosting of your wiki, and we hope you will enjoy our hosting.
* '''Referata (until ca. August 2020):'''
** ''The Sevton Saga'': The Rogatia Encyclopedia / WikiSevton
** ''Unspooled'': The Dixwell Dossier
** Tovasala, né Relformaide: Relformaide Dictionary
* '''{{wp|Google+}} (until February 2019):'''
** ''Unspooled'': Marigot Notebook
** Veritas: Veritas Project
** St. Isabel
You can immediately start working on your wiki, whenever you want.
Because of apparent Inode limits at [https://byet.host ByetHost] at this writing, this wiki is currently in the demo phase; new {{mw|extensions}} and {{mw|namespaces}} will be enabled as needed. It is also closed to user registrations to prevent spam, vandalism, and related abuse; to request an account, please e-mail this webmaster at [mailto:pierre612004@yahoo.com pierre612004 <nowiki>[at]</nowiki> yahoo.com] or leave him a PM at [https://reddit.com/u/Routhwick reddit.com/u/Routhwick].
Need help? No problem! We will help you with your wiki as needed. To make a start we have added a few links about working with MediaWiki:
* <span class="plainlinks">[[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Help:Contents|MediaWiki guide (e.g. navigation, editing, deleting pages, blocking users)]]
* [[meta:FAQ|Miraheze FAQ]]
* [[meta:Request features|Request settings changes on your wiki. (Extensions and Logo/Favicon changes should be done through Special:ManageWiki on your wiki]].
==== But Miraheze, I still don't understand X! ====
[[Category:Main| ]]
Well, that's no problem. Even if something isn't explained in the documentation/FAQ, we still are happy to help you. You can find us here:
* [[meta:Help center|On our own Miraheze wiki]]
* On [[phab:|Phabricator]]
* On [https://miraheze.org/discord Discord]
* On IRC in #miraheze on irc.libera.chat ([irc://irc.libera.chat/%23miraheze direct link]; [https://web.libera.chat/?channel=#miraheze webchat])
=== For a visitor of this wiki ===
Hello, the default Main Page of this wiki (this is the default Main Page) has not been replaced yet by the bureaucrat(s) of this wiki. The bureaucrat(s) might still be working on a Main Page, so please check this page again later!
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