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<span style="font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold">Welcome to the official Constant Noble Wiki.</span>
Constant Noble (formerly Constitution Books) is the publishing/creative venture of Reginald Routhwick, a resident of [[w:Florida{{wp|Florida]]}} originally from the Commonwealth of [[w:Dominica{{wp|Dominica]]}}. This site serves as a replacement for various wikis and collections previously available on:
* '''Referata (until ca. August 2020):'''
** ''The Sevton Saga'': The Rogatia Encyclopedia / WikiSevton
** ''Unspooled'': The Dixwell Dossier
** Tovasala, né Relformaide: Relformaide Dictionary
* '''[[w:Google+{{wp|Google+]]}} (until February 2019):'''
** ''Unspooled'': Marigot Notebook
** Veritas: Veritas Project
** St. Isabel
Because of apparent Inode limits at [https://byet.host ByetHost] at this writing, this wiki is currently in the demo phase; new [[{{mw:extensions|extensions]]}} and [[{{mw:namespaces|namespaces]]}} will be enabled as needed. It is also closed to user registrations to prevent spam, vandalism, and related abuse; to request an account, please e-mail this webmaster at [mailto:pierre612004@yahoo.com pierre612004 <nowiki>[at]</nowiki> yahoo.com] or leave him a PM at [https://reddit.com/u/Routhwick reddit.com/u/Routhwick].
'''Projects:''' ''[[Unspooled]]'' • ''[[The Sevton Saga]]'' • [[Tovasala]] • [[Veritas]] • [[Novissima]] • [[St. Isabel]]
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