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: Implementing {{blockquote}}
(Work listing #2--and don't get me started on the tons of archives I had to sift through just to get this made)
(: Implementing {{blockquote}})
Although not announced on his social outlets at the time, Routhwick had this personal idea of a {{wp|TV Guide}} blurb for it:
A 14-year-old Rogatian girl meets a highly targeted whistleblower on the run, and together they team up against the world's worst politicians.
along with this tagline:
We're what happens
when you vote for the wrong leaders
In mid-2020, Routhwick wrote on Hive that Diane and Wyorst are in lockdown during the {{wp|COVID-19 pandemic}}, and their battle would not happen in-person. This eventually gave way to a new plot influenced by {{wp|Ernest Cline}}'s ''{{wp|Ready Player One}}'' and {{wp|Ready Player One (film)|its film adaptation}} by director {{wp|Steven Spielberg}}, mentioned in the next section.
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