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Around the same time as the hack, however, a listing on the {{wikt|Special:NewPages|New Pages feed of Wiktionary}} (a sister project to Wikipedia) gave Relformaide the inspiration for its new name: ''{{wikt|товасса}}'' (''tovassa''), a word in the {{wp|Itelmen language}} meaning "ten". (Itelmen is a {{wp|Kamchatkan languages|Kamchatkan language}} spoken in Siberian Russia.) Soon after the discovery, Routhwick announced the conlang's latest rebrand with an [https://reddit.com/r/conlangs/comments/bintgv/_/em9ka5h r/conlangs post] on the fictional North Atlantic realm from which it hailed.
Starting in late May 2020 and continuing into June, the creator mustered up enough courage to head back to the Dictionary, undo the damage from last year's spree, and forge ahead with several dozen new roots and a few updates to its grammar. Referata, however, unexpectedly went offline at the end of June, causing his enthusiasm to wane again. Although Referata resurfaced in the clearnet a few more times afterward (until as late as August), Routhwick had already moved on with a slew of music-curation tasks related to the {{ProjectPortal|Adanson Jukebox}} from ''[[Unspooled]]''.
The Referata scenario was one of several factors leading to the October 2020 launch of this ByetHost wiki, intended as a new home for Tovasala/RFM and Routhwick's other creative ventures. Several days after it opened, [https://reddit.com/r/conlangs/comments/jcpgp5/comment/g93kvdr he made his first RFM-related comment since the outage], a reply to an r/conlangs thread asking about grammatical features that respondents later ditched. (Tovasala tried its best with {{wp|Classifier (linguistics)|classifiers}} the previous May, but opted for special rules for plural forms instead.)
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