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'''Tovasala''', né '''Réformáti'''/'''Relformaiké'''/'''Relformaide''' and abbreviated as '''RFM''',<ref>Pseudo-{{wp|ISO 639}} code chosen for the subdomain of its site's original Referata incarnation.</ref> is a {{wp|constructed language}} created and developed by Reginald Routhwick. Although earlier incarnations were sketched in 2009 and 2014, it did not take off in its current form until September 2016, when it spun off from ''[[The Sevton Saga]]'' into its own separate project via the launch of a dedicated semantic wiki on the now-dormant Referata farm.
Of the language's six tenses, only the Present is unmarked. The remainder are represented by prefixes ''nupé-'' (Recent Past), ''pé-'' (Simple Past), ''plé-'' (Discontinuous Past), ''fé-'' (Future), and ''péfé-'' (Future in the Past). The last ''é'' becomes ''er'' before vowels, as in ''pévéyim'' (I saw) and ''ferintadisim'' (we'll be inside).
Tovasala is {{wp|split ergativity|split-ergative}}--pronouns are {{wp|nominative-accusative}}, but regular nouns and numbers are {{wp|ergative-absolutive|absolutive-ergative}}: ''Judiya véyat <u>mio</u>'' (Judy sees <u>me</u>), ''Josefo peruslenat <u>té</u>'' (Joseph was served <u>by you</u>), ''Guispellés pémankat <u>Anyieba</u>'' (The biscuits were eaten <u>by Anne</u>), ''FémouvvéyisimFémoavvéyisim <u>trigiebo</u> kimi'' (We will be visited <u>by three</u> kings). The standard constituent order, as in English, is Subject-verb-object (SVO); the traits of its conjugation system render it in many cases as Verb-object (VO).
Tovasala is a {{wp|zero copula}} language, except when ''sujar'' (to be [identified as]; used exclusively in encyclopedia/newspaper articles and news reports) is involved.
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