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Samson Has a Nice Day
An Unspooled Vignette


Originally published on Wattpad on February 12, 2023 under the original author's pseudonym there, "Im_Bored_And_Tired_2" ("Bat"); reprinted on this site under CC0/Kopimi by kind permission.

This piece has been edited by the Unspooled creator for grammar, tense, and clarity.

As stated by "Kalibean06" herself, "Samson Has a Nice Day" was originally part of

"A series of one-shots written for friends and people who request. I refuse to do characters from shows and movies, I also refuse to do irl people. If you want yourself in one just give me the details you would give with an OC. I do OC's and maybe fursonas"

While a bit off from the established canon of the tentative six-volume adventure (in plot, dialogue, conflict, and character nomenclature), this vignette gets the personality of this adventure's designated mascot down pat. If you can improve on it, dear readers, please do so; in the long run, it'll be well worth the US$7.00 I paid for it.

Until next we meet, take care, see you in the bestsellers, watch your tails...and veloma!

When Samson awoke, he noticed it was a great day for a balloon ride. His almost glowing, icy, blue eyes lit up with excitement at the very thought. Wanting to get to the park before everyone else so he could be first on the ride, the late-teenage boy raccoon rushed to get ready.

After getting dressed and gathering his phone he looked in the mirror, his ash-grey fur, with darker inclusions, sticking out in different directions. "Perhaps I should comb my fur before I leave"--which was just what he did. After his fur was neatly combed, he left his home and rushed off to the park, really hoping the balloon ride stand was open today.

Sam lived near the park with the balloon rides, and figured it would be a waste of a nice day to not walk to the park. Finally arriving there, he rushed over to the balloon rides and cheered, "Yes! I'm the first one here AND they're open today!" He then approached the kind lady selling the tickets, Katie, and asked for one ticket for a longer ride.

"Sure thing, Samson. You know, I've never met a raccoon that enjoys balloon rides nearly as much as you. I've never met another person in general who enjoys them this much!" Samson gave a nod, thanked Katie, and handed her the money for his ticket.

After boarding the hot air balloon, Katie removed the ropes keeping it docked, and a fire started blasting upwards into the balloon. Soon enough, the bright yellow balloon with large sunflowers took off, soaring through the air. After it hit the highest altitude possible, Samson stood and peaked out over the edge.

Soon, Samson's eyes adjusted, and he saw everyone and everything in the park. The apple trees with ruby red apples shining in their branches, the giant sunflower field that gave this balloon its design, and a family of dogs that Samson recalled were the Cassidy family. The balloon basket swayed slightly as he moved to the other side, trying to see what was on the other side of the balloon.

On the other side of the balloon, there was the Farrison residence with its colourful garden and many pride flags. There was also a very large amount of people making their way to the park. Samson then looked on at the sky with admiration.

"I just love looking at the sky," he chirped wistfully. "I wish I had wings so I could be up here all the time or go even higher! I definitely need to go up here at night again, see the gorgeous stars, and maybe I'll catch one this time, they're so shiny."

Samson continued staring at the sky until he heard a noise below—none else than his dear friend Andrew the mouse trying to say hello! Andrew shouted up to him, "Hey there Sam! Enjoying the view? I bet it's beautiful up there; maybe I'll have to ride with you one day!"

Sam just gave a nod and replied, "Definitely! I'd enjoy for you to see the skies like I am! It's even better at night though!" Samson then gave the Wright family a thumbs-up before they went pack to their picnic, then turned back to the sky and talked to himself again.

"I wonder what lies beyond the sky, the stars, and the atmosphere? There is a lot still undiscovered about space; all we know is an inky blackness with glowing white spots called stars and planets." The raccoon teen sighed happily, looked down on paradise, and gave a sad sigh. "Seems my ride is coming to an end; I've only been up here an hour. Such a shame."

Samson disembarked after the lovely sunflower balloon docked at the second balloon stand, saddened by the end of his ride. After handing in his ticket, he scurried off through the park and to the left. After a few minutes of wandering, he stumbled across a fruit stand.

"Hey there, Samson. Looking for some fruit today?" the kind lady vendor asked him. "I made sure nothing was cross-contaminated with peaches so you can eat anything except for the peaches over here in their own container. I know how you're allergic to peaches."

"How did you know?"

"Friend of your mom's. The former reminded me on the phone days ago."

Samson nodded and purchased some fruit, knowing he'd get snack-ish later when he was at work. He said a quick "Thank you!" to the kind lady as he handed her the money, took another left turn, and set off straight ahead to his studio.

As he arrived at the animation premises, Sam stopped on his way in to say a quick "Hello!" to the doorman. He headed back into his main room, sat down in his animator's chair, and set his fruit on the desk.

"Man, I really am one lucky guy, aren't I? I get to sing and animate as my profession. I've always loved to sing and animate—now I get paid for it! I have a nice house and can afford to ride in a hot air balloon whenever I want!"

Almost immediately, Samson began his newest animation and performed his latest song, stopping occasionally to snack on some of the fruit he bought. He really was having a good day, wasn't he?