The Dixwell Saga

A Modern-Day Animal Adventure



This series published by Constant Noble, 3430 Kearsney Abbey Circuit, Dover, FL 33527.

Ø 2021-2024 Reginald Routhwick.

CC0 Kopimi NO RIGHTS RESERVED. This text, and all of its original characters and designs, are released in the public domain worldwide under CC0 (Creative Commons) and Kopimi (Piratbyrån). No permission is required to copy or distribute this material, or use it in any other manner, although attribution is strongly suggested by the author.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, notable figures, events/incidents, brand names/trademarks, and places/locations/locales are either fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarities with real-life entities are purely coincidental.
All of this series' main and supporting original characters are anthropomorphic animals, and age similarly to humans in real time.
This series may contain themes, topics, and scenes which may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental discretion advised.
Portions of this work, and earlier versions, were originally published/previewed at Google+ (2012–2019); dixwell.referata.com (2012—2021); Smashwords; Hive.blog's Ink Well; and r/furry_wordsmith.