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Taxobox • {{{Latin name}}}
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class [[w:{{{Class}}}|{{{Class}}}]]
Order {{{Order}}}
Family {{{Family}}}
Genus {{{Genus}}}
Species {{{Species}}}
Binomial name
{{{Binomial name}}} ([[w:{{{Botanist}}}|{{{Botanist surname}}}]], {{{Year}}})

Template documentation

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This is transcluded from Documentation:Taxobox (edit).

The {{Taxobox}} is used exclusively on species profiles, and shows a list of characters of the profiled species from Constant Noble's projects, particularly Unspooled. It should be called out in the following format:

|Latin name=
|Lojban name=
|Binomial name=|Trinomial name=
|Botanist=|Botanist surname=|Year=

Click on the "Edit" tab to view the infobox code.