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"Track box"
From {{{Album}}}
by {{{Artist}}}
Genre {{{Genre}}}
Language(s) English
Label {{{Label}}}
License Copyrighted
Length {{{Length}}}
Key(s) {{{Key(s)}}}

Appearances [[Volume:{{{Appearances}}}|{{{Appearances}}}]]


Template documentation

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This is transcluded from Documentation:Track box (edit).

The {{Track box}} is used exclusively on track pages.


{{Track box|Sort key
|Title= <!-- If different from page name, or page name is a disambiguation -->
|English title= <!-- Only if the track is not in English, when necessary -->
|Type= <!-- Single, Song, Instrumental, Instrumental single -->
|Artist= |Artist sort key=
|Album= |Album sort key=
|Language= <!-- Only if track is marked as "Single" or "Song" -->
|Length = <!-- mm:ss -->
|Key(s)= <!-- Key signature(s) -->
|Appearances= <!-- In "Reflections" volumes and supplements; Series B and beyond only -->
|AVA= <!-- Autrison Visual Album number; in order heard since GC22 (30/12) -->
|Lyrics= <!-- "Yes" if supplied by Genius; "No" if unavailable -->


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