Track:Christmas and Love (Llewellyn, Jean and Friends)

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(December 1989)
"Christmas and Love"
Track #1 on Christmas in the Sunshine
by Llewellyn, Jean and Friends
Composer(s) Llewellyn Gill
Lyricist(s) Llewellyn Gill
Genre Caribbean Christmas
Language(s) English
Labels Gill-Mathurin Productions • Melody Incorporated
License Copyrighted
Length 3:38
Key(s) G + Em

Appearances RFB02.443C

(Upcomer in RFB02)

One of KLPC's "Top Deck" picks for Reflections Volume 11, patched into the end credits of Movement IV as a last-minute induction on December 24, 2023. Airplay-only release delayed until September 20, 2024 thanks to the season's winding down by the time of airing.

Llewellyn Gill and Jean Lawrence Mathurin, whom this one-off group and associated label were named after, respectively hailed from Saint Lucia and Dominica.

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