Track:Eyewitness News

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(November 9, 1982)
"Eyewitness News"
Track #26 by Craig Palmer
on Industrial: Volume 24 by Stefan Olesten & Craig Palmer
Composer(s) Craig Palmer
Genre Production Music
Label Network Music
License Copyrighted
Length 3:07
Key(s) Bm + G (+ C#)

Appearances RFB05.53xB03

(Upcomer in RFB05)


Used by Saint Lucia's Radio Caribbean International (RCI) since sometime in the late 2010s (in its seven-second form) as the after-break bumper to their midday newscasts. An abridged variant was also heard in at least one HBO program promo in 1982.

Network renamed the parent album Newscast for its later CD and digital reissues.

In KLPC's Reflections, this will also serve as the final tune of a ten-minute entr'acte following the ~50-minute intermission in Volume 14, Movement V's "super-movement" experiment, set to scenes of St. Lucia à la HBO's early-era intermission snipes.

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