Track:I Have a Dream

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(June 26, 1981)
"I Have a Dream"
Single-only release
by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A-side "Happy Birthday"
Composer(s) Martin Luther King Jr.
Genre Spoken Word
Language(s) English
Label Motown
License Copyrighted
Length 5:29

Appearances MT02.118

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Delivered during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963; famous for its final words, "Free at at last. Thank God Almighty! We are free at last!" The version represented in Autrison's vaults was sourced from 1963's The Great March to Freedom on Motown's Gordy imprint, and accompanied by selections from 1968's Free at Last ("Drum Major Instinct Sermon", "Dr. King's Desired Eulogy", and "I've Been to the Mountaintop").

Part of the overture of the second hour of Music Time #2 (in honour of the eponymous occasion, under official long-term lease from the King Jr. estate); previously heard during the first-day prelude of Adanson's Marigot parties in 2018-2019, and again at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in February 2020.

The NeverEnding Story (#0690) Happy Birthday (#0692) ▶