Track:Ijitoen astoa

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(June 13, 1984)
"Ijitoen astoa"
"Gypsy Donkey"
Track #9 on Gabon Gauean... ...Xirula Mirula
by Xirula Mirula
Composer(s) Imanol Urbieta
Genre Basque Christmas
Language(s) Basque
Label Elkar
License Copyrighted
Length 3:16
Key(s) E

Appearances RFB02.110

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Selections from this Basque children's music outfit—suggested to this site's founder back in northern summer 2015 by the front page of the now-defunct MP3Red—were among the earliest and most played at Adanson's in Marigot, Dominica when their partnership with Giraudel's Autrison archival vinyl label began.

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