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(September 27, 2017)
"魔女のダンス" ("Majo no dansu")
"Dance of a Witch"
Track #3 on Kanojo wa mahō shōjo (EP)
by mikazuki BIGWAVE
(Cover of "Umi no mieru machi" by Joe Hisaishi)
Composer(s) Joe Hisaishi
Genre Future Funk
Language(s) Japanese
Label Bandcamp
License Copyrighted
Length 3:48
Key(s) B♭m + C#

Appearances MT02B.112

(Upcomer in MT02B)

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One of two "Top Deck" picks for edition #2B of Music Time. Remixed, with lyrics, from "Umi no mieru machi" ("A Town with an Ocean View") from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service (1989).

"Majo" was pressed as an Autrison acetate on June 26, 2019—and "Umi" a day later—in anticipation of Adanson of Marigot's planned celebration of the animé feature's 30th anniversary. Said occurrence was later cancelled amid a remount of Adanson's grand reopening, but 4½ years later (on January 26, 2024), KLPC sent out the pair of tracks to urban/dance and public-radio outlets in advance of Music Time #2B, and a future appearance in the mainline Reflections. The airplay artwork features the Kiki cast at a discotheque, reflecting on this version's longstanding nickname of "Kiki Disco" among Autrison's employees.

Key artwork (c) Ghibli.

Umi no mieru machi (#0744) Mirrors (#0746) ▶