Track:Making Love Out of Nothing at All

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(July 1983)
"Making Love Out of Nothing at All"
Track #6 on Greatest Hits (Air Supply)
by Air Supply
B-side "Late Again"
Composer(s) Jim Steinman
Genre Pop-rock
Language(s) English
Label Arista
License Copyrighted
Length 5:43
Key(s) G

Appearances RFB01.405

Music video

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This song's Reflections segment--a musical fantasy number set in Marigot, Dominica--débuted in Volume 4 in October 2020, and carried over to Volumes 6 through 8. Its Volume 10 remake features cameos and studio participation from the casts of Bluey (Ludo Studio of Brisbane) and Shimajiro (Japan's Answer Studio/Benesse).

Around 1995-96, the site's founder was introduced to Air Supply via the Greatest Hits CD owned by a neighbour of his great-grandmother across the road in Weirs, southern Marigot. In the Unspooled universe, said figures are respective analogues for Jennifer (Jim's kind girlfriend, who mysteriously left the village sometime in the early 2000s) and Molly (Jim's foster mother, and the caretaker of Floribonde cottage).

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