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(May 2003)
"O Canada"
From National Anthems of the World
by U.S. Navy Band
Composer(s) Calixa Lavallée
Genre Classical
Label U.S. Navy
License PD-USGov
Length 1:19
Key(s) E♭

Appearances RFB02.102IRFB03.102IRFB04.102IRFB05.102IRFB06.102I

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Part of the opening anthem medley in Reflections' 2020-21 volumes, this segment returned in Volume 11 (as a last-minute addition on December 14, 2023 during post-production) in memory of Daniel Langlois.

Once an employee of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Langlois founded 3D-animation software company Softimage in 1986 before selling it to Microsoft eight years later; Softimage's tools were adopted by Hollywood during the early years of mainstream CGI. Later in his life, he invested in sustainable development on the island of Dominica. At the beginning of December 2023, he was killed by fire in his car in Galion (near Soufrière/Scotts Head), a victim of suspected ambush; as of this listing's press time, four arrests have been made in connection with the case, and two suspects have been charged with murder in Roseau's court. For more details, see this Guardian story from the 7th.

KLPC therefore decided to fly the Dominican and Canadian flags at half-mast on their premises during the premiere broadcast/theatrical screening of Volume 11's first movement (on the 22nd), a mandate upheld by Adanson and Autrison's respective present-day management in Marigot and Giraudel. Patrons at the theatrical and IMAX screenings also took part in five minutes of silence prior to the start of the movement.

KLPC also paid respects to Langlois during Movement III's end credits with the footage and score from "Notes on a Triangle", an NFB production from 1966.

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