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(October 29, 2017)"Serendipity"
Digital single
by Itachi-mode feat. Kiichigo
B-side "what happened to you ? (SP1200Mix)"
Composer(s) Hajime Maruyama
Lyricist(s) Rarai
Genre Jpop
Language(s) JapaneseEnglish
Label Independent
License Copyrighted
Length 3:54
Key(s) A

Appearances RFB01.538

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セレンディピティ:求めずして思わぬ発見をする能力。思いがけないものの発見 etc.
"Serendipity: The ability to make unexpected discoveries without asking. The discovery of unexpected things, etc."
--Definition of title from official lyric commentary

First half of a single release originally entitled "15". English news clip at 1:37-1:49 references the Fukushima nuclear disaster that followed in the wake of the 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami; proceeds from the single went to the Japanese Red Cross. Vocals by Kiichigo (木苺), who also performs "Chocolate Parade" during the end credits of Movement III in Reflections. For further details, see the official artist and pages.

Formerly available on Bandcamp during late 2019, but delisted by the following year; reuploaded on various music platforms in early 2023.

In the Dixwell universe, this was initially slated for Adanson of Marigot's final summer playlist in 2019, but was delayed by a month over tropical-cyclone threats. It became the Curators' Choice when the village Manse launched Music Time, a one-night version of their holiday weekend parties, that September 2. As this contributor once added on Reddit:

The Unspooled mythos, and Itachi Mode's promotion, share nothing in common beside ferret characters. Book 1 of what I'm developing features Galina, a ferret girl; Itachi's mascot is also a ferret with a guitar.

After rediscovering "Serendipity" in their archives in July 2023, Autrison and KLPC commissioned Kyoto Animation and Production I.G to produce its Reflections segment until late September. Excellent word of mouth from workprint test screenings early that October encouraged them to collect it for Volume 10, Movement V, and re-release the song b/w "That's What Dreams Are Made Of" (by Odds and Ends, 1988) to U.S./Canadian public radio on December 1.

Volume 11 is also slated to include all four songs of Itachi and Kiichigo's other 2017 collaboration, Kiisama.

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