Track:What Do You Do All Day?

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"What Do You Do All Day?"
Track #1 on Different Therefore Equal
by Peggy Seeger
Composer(s) Peggy Seeger
Genre Folk
Language(s) English
Label Smithsonian Folkways
License Copyrighted
Length 8:30
Key(s) Am/B♭↵/Am/D/Am

Appearances RFB04.11X01

(Upcomer in RFB04)
Listen Bandcamp (Wayback archive)

Peggy Seeger was half-sister to folk-music legend Pete Seeger; the wife of songwriter Ewan MacColl; and the daughter of musicologist/folklorist Charles Seeger.

The opening track on her 1979 album Different Therefore Equal, "What Do You Do All Day?" was declared the first "Top Deck" pick for Reflections Volume 13 on December 1, 2023[1]—the same day its homesteader-animated standalone segment was screened in theatres across New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Florida, Toronto, London, Paris, Brisbane, and Sydney for Oscar consideration. It leads off the regular videos of that edition's first movement.

  1. ^ Originally considered for Volume 12.
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