Track:You Can't Stop the Music

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(May 23, 1975)
"You Can't Stop the Music"
Track #10 on Soap Opera
by The Kinks
B-side "Have Another Drink"
Composer(s) Ray Davies
Producer(s) Ray Davies
Genre Glam Rock
Language(s) English
Label RCA
License Copyrighted
Length 3:14
Key(s) A/D

Appearances MT01.230MT02.234MT02B.230MT02C.229MT02D.231

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Performed by the Adanson Ensemble at the end of their Marigot, Dominica and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida get-togethers during 2015-2020, and revived in December 2023 as the start of the epilogue suite to successor KLPC's Music Time specials. Not to be confused with "Can't Stop the Music" by the Village People, which was featured in Reflections Volume 8.

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