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Reginald Routhwick (born on July 31, 1986) is the founder of Constant Noble, a label for his creative ventures—and this site, its new home courtesy of Miraheze since late June 2021.[1] In the wiki sphere, he is a veteran of Wikipedia, once tried his luck on Wikicities/Wikia pre-Fandom, and served as an apprentice admin on the home site of Yaron Koren's now-moribund Referata.

Under his real name, he ran a feed on Google+ whose posts were hashtagged "#WhatLiesAground" from June 28, 2012 till February 2019. "Aground" then moved to Steemit (under his creative handle @routhwick), and has been hosted on its forked spinoff since April 2020.

Routhwick is also a regular at r/conlangs and r/LastFM. In addition, he has also been spotted on a couple of furry-fandom outlets; one of the world's largest art sites; and for a while, as a public-domain repackager at Amazon's Kindle Store (back when Constant Noble was running as Constitution Books).

This webmaster embraced creativity, animation, and imagination from an early age—limited resources or not. In his youth, he dabbled in paper maps of imaginary islands, and took to cartoons on cable. Before he left his Caribbean home in 2005, he tried his hand at poetry, literary fiction, and children's books—none of which went anywhere. But he himself soon did—as an emigrant to the Big Apple in 2006. During his time in the Brass City, he experimented with SketchUp models, imeem and Grooveshark playlists, and Inkscape SVGs, and even managed a couple of real odd jobs. Then in 2012, wanting to get his writing/publishing career off the ground, he discovered a little thing called Google+...and his online life wouldn't be quite the same. Especially as long as he was the Captain. Five years later, the Sunshine State came calling, bringing him closer to his homeland as a U.S. resident than before.

But through it all, he has never caught a break. Not even when a backlog of projects stares him right in the face.

As a pop-culture geek for hire? You name it, he's almost seen (and heard) it all.

Not to mention he thrives for diversity, digital rights, and a lot of cute stuff. When it comes to downtime, telling what's crossing his mind.

A native of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Routhwick is now based in Dover, Florida.


  1. ^ Formerly ByetHost during October and November 2020.


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