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Revolution: An Animated Fourth of July (production code: AVA-4J[1]) is the inaugural visual album by Kino Lorber Panama City LLC, a joint venture among the Adanson Trust of Marigot, Dominica; Autrison Records of Giraudel; and Kino International of New York City. It premiered on August 8, 2020, a month later than the title date, on Vimeo Livestream; the Community Video portal of the Internet Archive; and as a brokered special on select U.S./Canadian broadcast stations.

It was followed exactly one week later by the launch of Reflections (with the first part[2] of Volume 1).


This section only lists the first few cues at press time (July 8, 2021), and will be expanded in the coming days through DynamicPageList3.
Track title Airing code Artist Album Composer(s) Lyricist(s) Genre Length Date License
The Advertising Record 4J.01 Len Spencer Spoken Word 2:23 1906 PD-US
Orchestra Tuning Up 4J.02 Stan Smith & Ralph Harding Classical 0:37 2011-07-24 Copyrighted
The Star-Spangled Banner 4J.03I U.S. Navy Band National Anthems of the World John Stafford Smith Francis Scott Key Classical 1:18 1997 PD-USGov
Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour 4J.04I U.S. Navy Band National Anthems of the World Lemuel McPherson Christian Wilfred Oscar Morgan Pond Classical 0:48 2004 PD-USGov
Main Title (The Pagemaster) 4J.05 James Horner The Pagemaster James Horner Soundtrack 2:27 1994 Copyrighted
Main Title: Morgan's Ride 4J.06 John Debney Cutthroat Island John Debney Soundtrack 4:39 1995-12 Copyrighted
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 4J.07 James Horner An American Tail James Horner Soundtrack 2:48 1986-11-21 Copyrighted
Under the Same Moon 4J.08 zero-project Autumn Prelude zero-project New Age 6:33 2009-06-19 CC-BY
Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras 4J.09 The Holden Consort Orchestra and Choir Ein deutsches Requiem Johannes Brahms Classical 14:16 2001 CC-BY-SA
Symphony No. 9, Op. 125 – IV. Presto 4J.10 Papalin Symphony No. 9, Op. 125 Ludwig van Beethoven Classical 22:29 2011-06-07 CC-BY
Imagine John Lennon Imagine John Lennon John Lennon; Yoko Ono Singer-Songwriter 3:01 1971-11-10 Copyrighted


  1. ^ AVA = "Autrison Visual Album".
  2. ^ Each block in a Reflections volume lasts three hours or slightly shorter. These blocks were called "parts" in the first four volumes proper, and were retermed as "movements" upon Volume 4's test-screened supplements in April 2021.